Youku Tudou & The State Of Online Copyright Infringement

Posted on 18 December, 2013 in Intellectual Property, Internet Law and Intellectual Property, Technology Law by aaronklaw

Copyright infringement here; copyright infringement there; copyright infringement everywhere! But fear not 20th century hold-outs, for the U.S.A.’s very own Motion Picture Association of America is at the vanguard of another international intellectual property war. That’s right folks, the MPAA and a handful of media companies joined forces to fight the mighty Baidu – one of China’s largest Internet companies valued at $45.7 billion. And last week, in David and Goliath fashion, the posse of analogues won a judgment against Baidu for…..drum roll…….$78,560. The plaintiffs had asked for $10 million. (Cue The Price Is Right loser “whomp, wah”.)
How does the [...]

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The iPad Data Security Lawsuit — What’s Next?

Posted on 25 November, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet Law and Intellectual Property, Technology Law by aaronklaw

On June 9th, 2010, ran a story about Andrew Auernheimer (a.k.a., weev) and Daniel Spitler (a.k.a., JacksonBrown), two hackers from the Goatse Security team (GoatSec). Five weeks after Apple’s 3G-enabled iPad was released, Auernheimer and Spitler uncovered a gaping security hole, singular to the 3-G hardware, which exposed personally identifiable information of AT&T customers.
Last week, one of the bug hunters was convicted on one count of conspiring to access a computer without authorization – a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) — and one count of fraud. To add insult to injury, his former hacking partner [...]

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Extend Certain Legal Rights To Social Robots? What’s Up With That?

Posted on 21 September, 2012 in Technology Law by aaronklaw

Do you think IBM’s WATSON, the super-genius computer who kicked Ken Jennings’ butt on Jeopardy, should be allowed to sue if someone tries to copy the code that informs its artificial intelligence? What about your family roomba, should it be illegal to kick it around? How about DATA from Star Trek TNG, do you think that he, though technically an android, should have the right to file legal claims?
MIT researcher, Kate Darling, recently presented a study on this very subject. She explored whether or social robots should be granted the same legal protections as humans. Now, you may be thinking, [...]

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